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On the heels of a rattling admissions scandal, the college universe has entered a stage of reflection about how applicants get into colleges. While the latest episode features household names, covert test-swapping and bogus sports scholarships, most cases of application shortcuts lack this Hollywood flair.

Most college students appear to believe there is a fast-track for wealthy applicants.

According to the latest College Reaction public interest poll, 70.86% of students believe wealthier applicants receive special treatment in the admissions process. 

There was a finite spate of schools ensnared in this latest scandal, but criticism about the broader bias in college admissions extends to nearly every college in America. Everything from athletic scholarships to pricey test-prep are absorbing raised criticism as mechanisms that reward applicant wealth. Ironically, sports and standardized testing have historically been advertised as ways to hedge against taste-based admissions decisions, which often involved nepotism and favors.

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Below are the full findings:

Q: "Do you believe wealthier applicants receive special treatment in the admissions process?"

Strongly agree: 28.08%

Agree: 41.56%

Neutral: 13.66%

Disagree: 11.67%

Strongly disagree: 5.03%


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