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College Reaction is a polling and research source gauging student thought on critical issues like politics, tech, social trends, science and health. We help organizations better understand how young people tick, click and pick.


Our polling procedure aims to minimize bias, maximize randomization and streamline results

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College Reaction Polling utilizes a set of authenticated respondent databases to provide high-volume, customizable results from various segments of the college demographic. College Reaction’s digital polling generates samples that reflect the broader college demographic from a geographic, political, racial and gender perspective.

College Reaction’s polling is conducted using a demographically-representative panel of college students from around the country. The process requires respondents to verify their college e-mail address to ensure current enrollment in a four-year institution.

About College Reaction

"One of the most reliable guides to college-student opinion"

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"A platform for college students to share their opinions about the issues du jour"

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"College Reaction is giving marketers, news outlets and others a peek into the average college student’s mind with polls."

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